My Home: Cool DIY Home Improvements

Well, we’ve seen many ideas on home improvements but mostly it only talks about, you know, using containers of various sizes to keep your house more organized. That’s it. Now, here’s some real cool DIY ideas for a better home. Yup, more than just containers..

Wow! Just wonderful ideas, huh?!

Still, we don’t think all of it would be good to apply. Why? More than just doing some extra work which is okay, guess it wouldn’t last; like, it would either backfire or your house could need some ‘remodeling’. Something like that. Think of the ‘stools on hinges’ for one. How long do you think could it constantly hold up a 200 pound weight? Or even a 150 pound guy that regularly dines on one spot?

Also, adding a window seat towards your staircase. If your house is not structured to accommodate such revisions then your abode would need some real remodeling. And while replacing your regular door with a Dutch door wouldn’t really alter your house’s structure, adding a ‘sun tunnel’ could change things albeit being a cool idea.

Then again, there are some things that’s worth the trouble though — like adding a little door to make unloading groceries easier, or even something as simple as putting a sign on your bathroom so guests know where it is. That’s neat! And worth the try.


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