Street Styling with Nina Dobrev

Hmm… Although Nina Dobrev apparently regrets her time with ‘The Vampire Diaries’, it certainly never made her a lousy dresser all this time especially with her sexy dance number just last Thursday in the ‘Lip Sync Battle’..

Lip Sync Battle
Lip Sync Battle

Tops: Nice cut

Oh, street styling Nina obviously loves cowgirl attires. And why not? It suits her well! Look at ’em tops — nice cut!

With Austin Stowell, 5 months ago
With Austin Stowell (R)

See, even from the not so distant past like 5 months ago.. Yep, she’s at her best when not ‘skirtish’ but of denims or dresses.

0206 zuhair murad

And when it comes to gowns, Nina looks perfect in Zuhair Murad’s designs. Wow, sexy yet elegant! Seems he got her number..


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