Gadget Review: Grillbot – The Grill-Cleaning Robot

Like grilling? Who doesn’t?! How ’bout cleaning your grill after using it? Oh, after all the fun, well, that’s a different story. And so it goes..

Now in comes Grillbot, the grill-cleaning robot, to save your day!

So what can you say? Good to see that ‘warning’ on keeping it away from fire, this only reaffirms it could only handle temperatures below 200 degrees. And as well as reminding grillers to close their lids, which only means the Grillbot is applicable to grills with lids.

Still, he could have tested it with a ‘used’ grill to really see its effectiveness. Know what I mean? 020716 Grillbot-0

Anyway, it looks like a cute, giant bug. Hah! Okay, it would be helpful especially for lazy grillers — but obviously not for those who wants their grills ‘thoroughly’ clean. For one, you know it can’t reach deep under the grill. That’s just one. How about the robot’s safety? We saw how one of the metal bristles fell off. While one may say, it’s just an ‘assembly’ thing — the manufacturer should anticipate ‘excited’ users and therefore equip it with safety measures. Whoa, kids?!

Just some reasons why it’s not really a ‘must-buy’ even for grillers. Not to mention it’s $129 each.


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