2016 NBA Weekly: All-Star Notables

So the 2016 NBA All-Star weekend has just been concluded, and the notables..

Russell Westbrook: That's energy!
Russell Westbrook: That’s energy!

Russell Westbrook’s back-to-back MVPs. As good and young as Russell is, don’t you think he’s got a chance to have the most All-Star’s MVP? It’s just one game after all, and so, no matter how good the rivals are, with Russell’s energy — who knows?! Kobe has 4 but he’s already having his last hurrah.

Kobe Bryant: Done for good..
Kobe Bryant: Done for good..

And speaking of Kobe Bryant, guess his final tour was more of a ‘guest appearance’, huh?! Hey, he could have gone all out to win his 5th All-Star MVP! Yet although Kobe finished with 10 points on 4-11 shooting, and added six rebounds and seven assists in just over 25 minutes of action, perhaps his body can’t take the pounding anymore or he’s gotten a little tired of the game already where he shot less and passed more than he normally does.

Paul George: Perennial Contender
Paul George: Perennial Contender

Paul George’s 41 points. Speaking of game enthusiasm, that’s what George did show in the All-Star game that he could have also won the MVP honors. Really. The ASG is just about energy which precedes All-Star entertainment — and so that explains the award.

Sweet-shooting Klay Thompson
Sweet-shooting Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson winning the 3-point shootout. Among the star participants, we always thought only Thompson and Redick had the chance to beat Curry. Not Harden. Not Lowry. Why? This is because of their ‘release’. They got a “shooter’s” release unlike Harden and Lowry, who’s got more of a “scorer’s” release.

Aaron Gordon (R), Zach LaVine (L)
Aaron Gordon (R), Zach LaVine (L)

Zach LaVine repeating as Slam Dunk champion. Wondering what a match up it would’ve been if Russell Westbrook were to compete?! But this was really close. And actually felt Gordon could’ve won it, too! Imagine a big man with such athleticism?!

Just what trade-rumored players need more of.. Even just energy.


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