Street Styling with Kate Upton

Although she still looks cool even at her simplest, when it comes to Kate Upton, you got to take notice of her footwear and bag. Yup!

same bag 1

same bag 2 same bag 3 kate-upton-in-jeans-6

Notice the bag? Same, right?! Must be one of Kate’s favorite.

same shoes 1 kate upton 2014 same shoes 2 kate-upton-out-for-coffee-in-beverly-hills same shoes 3 tight-jeans-leaving-an-office-building-in-los-angeles-feb.-2015_6

Now, how about her shoes? Hah! Again, a favorite of hers. Nice!

tops 1 sexy-Summer-style-display-crochet tops 2 New-York-City-looking-chic-casual

shorts 2 October-2015

article-2597871-1CDE682D00000578-442_634x897trousers 1 black western-style shirt and brown trousers at Los Angeles on Monday, December 21, 2015 03
trousers 2 NYC+Hotel+bgxyBjO4-tQl


Then her varied styles.. From sexy to fashionable. Wow!

shorts 1 april 5 2014 simple casual 1 simple wear 1 2013 simple wear 2 july 3 2014 simple wear 3 june 20 2015

And on simple days! Yes, simple style but still an awesome look!

Photo: Celebutopia
Photo: Celebutopia

airport 2 fringed_curly_blonde_crop

Well, time to send Kate to the airport! See yah!


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