Travel Time: Enchanted Balete Tree in Pictures (Lazi, Siquijor)

You must have already heard of all the talks about ‘Balete‘ trees and stuff. Hmm… well, this one is cool. Literally. And has in fact become a tourist attraction in Lazi, Siquijor. Let’s look around..

1 2

The initial sights from the road on the over 400-year-old Balete tree..3 3b 4

The length of this ‘ditch’ could be about 30 meters to the tree.. 5

Donation Box

Where water flows underneath the tree into a man-made stream. 7

People who visits the place just basically dips their feet in the water for a ‘foot spa’ which is done by many little fishes nibbling your dead skin; and all you have to give is a donation..8 9 10 11

There is a parking area as well as refreshments and ‘souvenir items’ that you can buy within the Balete area in case you want to dine and have some memories. And for more adventures..


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