Gadget Review: Samsung WiFi Oven

We’ve heard of smartphone-controlled TVs, fridges and other kinds of appliances — and now we have the oven. The Samsung WiFi Oven. It comes in two models: NE9000 (electric) and the NX9000 (gas range).

You know what? Judging from the video alone, being able to remotely control the oven is cool but this could also mean ‘leaving’ your oven always plugged. For how could you make your oven work for you when you’re gardening or coming from the office if there’s ‘no power’ in the oven?

So, doesn’t it sound a little risky?

Being multilayered, it’s a little common. Timers, the same. Flexi-door, not so amazing. Ability to preheat remotely, that’s nice; so you won’t waste time while doing something else or when coming from afar. Then again, the risks.

Short circuits? It’s most likely been addressed, just like ‘overloading’. Other possible oven issues? This one may have even been overlooked. Better check it again. But what concerns us more are the things around the oven. Especially combustible ones and kids.

You can’t just tell ’em don’t play with fire when an inviting ‘fire’ is already in front of ’em! So??


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