My Home: Korean Interior Design (HanOk)

Okay, our featured image is not the ‘interior’ but an area west of Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul. Right, it’s just to refreshen you on how it looks from the outside.

But of course, as many of us have watched Korean dramas so, we do understand that they are traditionally ‘floor-based’ although they’ve wonderfully evolved in their interior designing. And here’s the latest.

Wow, just beautiful designs by Han Jung wook! It’s actually a nice blend of the traditional and the modern; like the bedroom for one.

0226 korean inspired cute-bedroom by home designingIn this case, the walls and windows might be modern but the bed is still a bit low — traditional in a sense — which is in fact cute..

Bit modern han ok (Photo: freshhomedecor)
Bit modern hanok (Photo: freshhomedecor)

That even some of their hotels use traditional designs as a ‘come on’!

Just nice, eh?! At least we get to feel how it is to be in a hanok, or a Korean traditional house. An nyeong haseyo 안녕하세요 !!


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