The Issue of Copyrighted Music at YouTube

Wouldn’t hearing an artist’s song played in various YouTube videos be enough to promote his song to fans that he or his agent still needs to have ‘copyright claims’ for monetization on a content creator?

Really. Doesn’t it sound a bit ‘greedy’ (excuse me for the word)?

Of course, it’s their right and also protection against unscrupulous entities, but if their song is gonna be used by new content creators or those who are still under a thousand subscriber base — don’t you think it’s being inconsiderate? After all, they already had their share of success and a ‘huge’ one at that, so why not ‘give back’ in return?!

Okay, it’s business. Once you taste its sweetness, you want more.

Still, hearing a particular artist’s song played in a video only builds audience and most likely subscribers or buyers of his single — so why grab the pie that’s going to the mouth of a newbie? How about letting go of the ‘ads’ in videos of all under one thousand subscriber base creators? Got the point?

And once they hit a thousand, only then would the succeeding songs these YouTubers would use — if copyrighted — should be claimed for monetization by the artists. Agree? That’s more ‘humane’. Hah!

Well, time to give ‘capitalism’ a good side.


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