In Pictures: Other Filipino Street Foods

Okay, if only for Filipino street foods, many are quite familiar with the ‘balut’ — you know, that 3-week-old fertilized duck embryo a lot have either been indifferent, or eager about! But then, if you want a tamer version, that would be the ‘penoy’, again an underdeveloped embryo but this time none of the duck parts..

Anyway, the ‘balut’ in itself is not the most morbid but that seasoned chick called ‘day old’ — which is exactly the age it was actually, well, seasoned and cooked. Day old. Wow, can you imagine?!

Still, Filipinos just don’t let anything go to waste especially when it comes to food, so just about every part of the chicken or pig is utilized — that is prepared to be barbequed and eaten.

Betamax with orange batter
Betamax with orange batter

Like the ‘adidas’ which is the chicken feet. The ‘isaw’ or the chicken’s intestine. The ‘helmet’, that is the chicken’s head. And of course, the ‘betamax’ or the coagulated chicken or pork blood that is made into some kind of rectangular blocks before being grilled — though it doesn’t really taste like blood but more of the seasonings added to it.

Kwek Kwek
Kwek Kwek (boiled quail egg with orange batter that’s deep-fried)

And lest not forget, the ‘walkman’ which is the barbequed pig ears. Well, those are just the more common Filipino street foods. Now, how about other deep-fried varieties?

Sausages and eggs with orange batter
Sausages and eggs with orange batter

Yeah, from simple eggs to tempura-like sausages, ‘deep frying’ has been a standard procedure in Filipino street food.

Squid ball
Squid ball

Hmm… ‘fish ball’ is common one, and it is basically deep fried fish paste but it does have another assortment, the ‘squid ball’ that is just somehow ‘thicker’ or denser than the ‘fish ball’; and with seasonings, it does have that distinctive taste. While the ‘tempura’ has become more popular these days, a common curd variety is catching up..


The ‘tofu’. This used to be just another ingredient in vegetable mixes but now, it’s also become widely skewered and fried.

0212 skewered 1 0212 skewered 2 0212 skewered 3In all, most deep-fried street food in the Philippines uses either flour, wrapper, or the orange batter not simply to make it more attractive but to make the delicacy bigger. And with the help of spicy sauces, it makes you want even more. Really. Try it and enjoy!


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