2016 NBA Weekly: Steph Curry. Skill, Luck or Poor Defense?

We have all seen it. And it’s the talk of the basketball world. Stephen Curry beating OKC last Saturday from 32 feet. So, was it skill, luck or poor defense?

Hmm… It’s a combination of everything.

LUCK. Curry still had about 5 seconds. No time out was called. It was spontaneous and in transition. Yep, and just after crossing the half court line — boom! Game over!

POOR DEFENSE. The Thunder knows the clock is winding down, why didn’t anyone stay close to the Warriors best three-point shooters? Waiting for a time out? Com’on, that’s mental lapse!

SKILL. Curry’s skill extends beyond 3-point shooting. And it’s his ability to read the situation, the defense — that’s what makes Curry dangerous. And all such scorers for that matter.

In the Warriors’ game against the Thunder, things happened in transition. After a rebound, you pass the ball to your ball handler or best scorer if there’s no time out called. Then he either walks it up, rushes up front or finds the open man. Again, since it’s transition, everybody on the opposing side are still positioning themselves in defense — each of ’em guarding the court and not his man!??

And so, you sealed your fate.

While Oscar Robertson argues that the defense being played on Curry is weak, well, it’s not like he’s being left alone. It’s just that he moves well without the ball — just like Reggie Miller. He’s got range and a quick release — just like Reggie. But more importantly, he’s also got a good handle to escape his man — which neither Reggie or Ray Allen has. See??

Ray Allen (L), Reggie Miller (R)
Ray Allen (L), Reggie Miller (R)

Well, there are those who actually possess these attributes (even outside the NBA and internationally) ‘even before’ Steph Curry took the basketball world by storm but¬†people then were so entertained by the high-flying abilities of MJ, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Dr. J and so on; yeah, all were just trying to emulate them that no one really noticed, understood or much more gave a chance to those who really had what Curry is showing us now. Thus, they were discouraged in a way and never really had a chance to flourish in the biggest, or even just a bigger stage.

This is why many now thinks Curry is one of a kind. And this is also what makes the Big O’s observation a valid argument. The defense is just not as physical as it was before — that’s why.


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