Gadget Review: DietSensor (CES 2016)

While many of our latest tech advancements are focused on, what, ‘drones’, ‘wearables’ and stuff — here is one product that caught our attention. DietSensor. And it doesn’t fly, or you don’t really have to wear it, but it gives you feedback on the nutritional contents of what you would like to eat and suggests on what you should be eating instead. Isn’t that great?!

Wow, cool eh?!! This is especially useful for those on diet, whether slimming, weight management or for particular medical conditions. But most importantly, to remind us on eating healthy.

Couple of concerns though.

One. It’s only for food, how about beverages? Perhaps they should make another device for this, huh? Hah! You know.. for a complete health package.

0301 diet_sensor

Two. Wouldn’t it be kinda freakish if you would just keep scanning your food — especially when eating out?!? People would just keep staring at you then as the basics of food is pretty much an open book. Like watch out on salt, sweets, and trans fat. And certainly, almost all of us knows this — it’s just that many of us keep ignoring the ‘red light’.

So probably, DietSensor could add another feature to their product. Vibration. That is to warn us every meal hours (just like how we set our alarms) even before we pull out our device. Hah!


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