Best Looks for the Week

For this week’s fashion watch, it’s not just about their street styling but styles ‘on the set or wherever’ their appointments may be. Let’s now take a look at who really did justice to style..

Helen Mirren

Wow, Helen just looks years younger and real cool at the set of Collateral Beauty in New York City!

Keira Knightley

Very much so like fellow Collateral Beauty star Keira in boho style!

Jennifer Lopez

Meanwhile, fan-favorite J-Lo simply looks fabulous in red at The Late Night With Seth Meyers..

Margot Robbie

And at The Tonight Show, Margot just wows ’em with her beautifully designed black outfit — yep, matching her perfect smile!

Chrissy Teigen

But for a mama-to-be, ‘dark bluish’ Chrissy just got our nod with her thigh-high boots sans the pants. My, just how gorgeous can she get?!


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