Movie Review: Gods of Egypt (2016)

So, have you seen the ‘Gods of Egypt’? Well, the title in itself is quite interesting that one could try to get to the theatres for it. And you know the appeal of a sword-and-sandal movie! If well-thought, it could be the start of another franchise!

Anyway, the film has that usual story. A divided land ruled by an evil king with the ‘rightful’ heir to the throne put into exile. You guessed it, the story is about Horus (God of Air; son of Osiris, the King who was killed by his brother Set to be the king instead) and his journey to reclaim the throne he lost to his uncle, Set.

Still, what made the movie a little interesting was Horus’ pledge to help Bek bring back his lady-love, Zaya to life. Of course, as she’s already dead. So, is it love? Hmm…

More Negatives Than Positive 

Gerard Butler as Set
Gerard Butler as Set

Anyhow, the cinematography is just burning. Like, burnt yellow? Meanwhile, the gods are too gilded. And so matching their wings instead of being feathers which is more ‘fathomable’. Even the voice of the king in open ground (in 2 settings) was more like talking to people just 3 feet away from ’em, it lacks conviction which should not be the case. Perhaps the movie could have also used a more popular star for it’s lead role, that would help. As it was, Gerard Butler (as the evil Set) was the only most internationally recognizable actor on the set.

Gods-of-Egypt-robots-fightingAnd what about too much computer enhancement? Like the sea of digital extras, the giant snakes, the falling of pillars, and all those explosions! Hey, it’s almost like watching an animated film!

The movie sort of ended with some good parting words from Horus to the people, ‘the afterlife should not be earned with gold but good deeds, compassion and generosity. What we do and how we act in this life matters’.

This would have been great if more emphasis were given to it. Like not ending the film yet. Nah, it’s not to make it even longer but cut other ‘fighting’ scenes among others to accommodate this ‘afterlife’ reminder. Should be the moral of the story. And somehow, it could have helped save the ‘Gods of Egypt’.


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