Consumer Videos: Simple DIY Healthy Snacks

Guys, it’s snack time! Now, who doesn’t like snacking?? Well, food is certainly one of those things we crave for — especially sweets and sometimes the ‘out of this world’! And nowadays, the trend has pointed to more healthier food.

Here now are some healthy snack ideas you could ‘do-it-yourself’..

Wow, very tempting yet healthy! Not to mention, easy to make..

It would be interesting to try the peanut butter and jam yogurt cups though as to the chocolate mixes. For one, we already know how chocolate tastes.. Just delicious! Variety would then be good.

Oh, frozen grapes! May not be a new idea but sooo gooood indeed! Guess, Olga just liked to use a bit more fruits here. And like Sarah, chocolate again plays a role in satisfying that sweet tooth. Yep, it is healthy! The real quality ones that is.. As most of these treats are free of refined sugar.

So, which one is your favorite? In both videos, we could see the value of bananas as a big part of not just healthy food but one that could make us ‘full’, satiated. It was just a matter of adding other delightful ingredients to make it, hmm… less boring and more tasty. Hah!



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