Movie Review: Zootopia (2016)

The movie starts with a ‘truthful’ statement from little Judy that the world is divided into two, predator and prey. And so the story goes. Preys are generally the good ones. Predators, the bad.

But as the film continued to unfold, more than we are entertained by the animals talking or standing upright like humans, or being clothed and working like we do — the movie has actually become a good platform to discuss delicate issues still plaguing the world today.


So before we get too serious, let’s first see how the story evolved..

From the time Judy was little, she already had that dream, the talent and the character to pursue that dream. And as she believed, the world was perfect where everyone got along and could be anything they wanted to be. A reality she soon came to realize when she got to Zootopia, a place where predators and prey indeed lived peacefully.

Okay, Judy may have graduated on top of her class but because she was a ‘rabbit’, the buffalo Chief Bogo didn’t entrust her with ‘real’ police assignments instead just delegated her to parking duty (where she met Nick the fox, the wily popsicle thief).

While all the other predators, or large animals went on their tasks of finding the 14 missing animals, Judy did her job and expectedly got bored. But fortunately because of Assistant Mayor Bellwether, Judy got her chance. But, within 48 hours if she could not find the missing otter, she has to resign.

With Nick’s help, their adventure turned into a heck of a ride..

And at the height of it all, what many would have thought that the savage attacks (due to a toxic serum taken by the predators) was done by predators was actually masterminded by a sheep, Assistant Mayor Bellwether. Yes, she did this to stay in power. How realistic?!

In the end, good prevails over evil. And the lesson? The delicate issues we’re talking about. From greed to stereotyping to racism.


While the good side is the ‘never quit’ attitude, and that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself — these in fact would just become useless if society is unconsciously engulfed with ‘stereotyping’. Like how could one dream and attain it if he is not given that chance because of this and that?? How could there be ‘real’ peace and progress when those in power just wants more power?? Or when those in power are deceitful and acts with vested interest???

Still, how could we truly understand each other if we live with an iron curtain — each only wanting to be understood instead of really trying to understand others? True enough, we all have that power to make this world, this jungle a better place. But to do so, change should start from within.

Really, Zootopia is a great movie! Just hope parents could explain the moral of the story to their kids, and live it out themselves. After all, adulthood has a lot to do with childhood.


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