Movie Review: London Has Fallen (2016)

The movie was all about the gathering of world leaders in London to attend the state funeral of the British Prime Minister. And so, the terrorist acts escalates. Yes, since arms dealer Barkawi is still alive after a drone strike 2 years earlier, he and his son Kamran planned the whole gathering itself — starting with the ‘poisoning’ of the late Prime Minister.

And just when most world leaders were in town, simultaneous attacks erupted — killing a notable few, hundreds of civilians as well as damaging London’s landmarks.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), top Secret Service agent for U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) along with Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett) and the President himself managed to escape and eventually boarded the chopper. And as expected, decoy helicopters got gunned down including theirs resulting in the death of Jacobs..

5 (10)

Then more exchanges of gun fire and messages, yes, here and there.
Ultimately, the terrorists manages to abduct Asher. And as Kamran was to publicly execute Asher, Banning appears and saves the day.
Later on, MI6 agent Jacqueline “Jax” Marshall (Charlotte Riley) discovers that MI5 Intelligence Chief John Lancaster (Patrick Kennedy) is the traitor who helped Barkawi and so kills him.

The story then ends on three notes. Barkawi was located anew and killed after a drone attack. Banning returns home, spends time with his wife and new-born child while thinking of resigning. And deleting his resignation email after hearing an inspiring message by VP Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) that America would prevail. So, would there be a ‘third’ one? Like.. Paris Has Fallen?

If you have seen the film, the action sequences are just in chaos. Just firing.. here and there. Hah! Some ‘trying-to-please’ yet already been done action scenes like ‘backward driving and shooting’ as well as aerial attacks. Bruce Willis. Tom Cruise. They’ve done it. Well, if you can’t be unique then at least make it more ‘cinematic’ — for the plot was quite predictable as it’s like a repeat of the first one, Olympus Has Fallen but which was actually more successful than this. Really. London-Has-Fallen-pic

Olympus. $70M budget. $161M box office. London. $60M budget. $39.8M box office as of March 8. So, even the bottom line speaks for itself. The movie is indeed a forgettable one despite the presence of bankable stars like Freeman. Perhaps, in this case, old formulas just don’t work. One thing’s for sure though, in this kind of terroristic world, presidents should be fit so he could take ’em blows. Huh?!


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