Gadget Review: SensorWake Alarm Clock

Now here’s an interesting gadget — the SensorWake Alarm Clock. Like the alarm clocks we know, it does try to wake you up at your set time though this time, not through those beeps or rings we’ve gotten accustomed to, but through ‘scents’.

Yes, ‘scents’! Like the smell of coffee, mint or even money! Hah!

Cool?? This is the first olfactory alarm clock in the world!

Well, the cartridges diffuses scents for 3 full minutes, and if you do not wake up — the regular alarm we’re used to would follow. Each scent is good for 30 uses and cartridges costs $10 for 2 scents. The alarm clock itself, by the way, is priced at $109 each and is expected to be at retail stores by November.

0311 sensorwake-5213-004Hmm… Guess it’s more of interesting than anything else, huh?!? Hey, the product is a bit expensive — $109?? And to think that you’d have to buy ‘refills’, of course! While it works like ‘air fresheners’, it’s not effective for those with clogged noses. Okay, that’s understandable. But then, it may only be effective for a couple of uses; once you get used to the scent — you might only be awoken by the regular ring, which then makes the scents a bad investment. 0311 150527182607-sensorwake-alarm-clock-780x439

Otherwise, you might even love the scent so much that instead of getting up, you’d be lazy to move and eventually fall into a deeper sleep. In the end, it’s really about how we’re wired. If only to have one, get one.


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