My Home: How to Organize a Tiny Home

Does it have to be a drag to live in a small home? I don’t think so. Unless you never liked it in the first place! But hey, with the changing times — higher prices, lower wages, bulging population — our space is shrinking, and so we got to learn to adjust!

While lifestyle adjustment maybe ‘survival’ for some, it’s in fact a way to thrive for the learned. Living comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean having all the space you could have, say, in your living room when you don’t really get to sit there most of the time. Seriously. 0313 apt

What Felice says is true. And basically it is what organized people do — just do away with stuff that is not really needed, and in our case, simply start packing ’em up like on a 10-day shift. You don’t really need to fill your wardrobe when it could actually take you 6 months — or even 3 months before you would even think of wearing ’em clothes and stuff!

0313 90-square-foot-apartment-4Same goes with all your other things.

Having reserves or ‘just-in-case’ items is okay if it’s just a few pieces. Doing so would not only cut your expenses but also your time for maintenance, and ‘valuable’ space. Mind you, practicality and simplicity leads to an improved standard of living — and well-being. Just focus on purpose. Really.


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