Gadget Review: LG’s Rollable OLED TV

Have you ever imagined that one day there’d be ‘paper-like’ TVs? Yeah, a television so thin you could even roll it! Well, check this out..

That was the wallpaper TV. Cool!! Now, how ’bout an 18″ prototype?

Yes, it is still in it’s raw form but that’s the future we are headed to. How ’bout it??! Then again, why would one want it? Trendy? Handy? Guess, it’s also space-saving. Right. Just wondering how much it would cost when it eventually hits the market..??

But more than the price, one should be aware when disposing or rolling it. Mind you, it can only be rolled on one side and that you got to be careful not to put a dent on it; otherwise, it would have some kinda ‘dead spot’ and would reduce your resolution.

0315 rollable tv

Currently, this 18-inch full color OLED Display has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels; and LG is aiming for a ‘larger’ one.

Hmm… Other than size or resolution, how about improving on its handling? Like, making it ‘water-proof’?! See, with a rollable TV, expect a number of people to be bringing it with them. And who knows what could happen? Can’t just protect it from rain but dust, too — and other possible vulnerabilities, like heat and ‘weight’.

Should be safe for us.. And durable for the TV.


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