Movie Review: Norm of the North (2016)

Unfortunately, just one of those animated movies that most critics dislike — Norm of the North. Why? Simple plot? Mediocre laughs, like, toilet humor and ‘forced’ action scenes? Anyway, let’s see the plot and how we view it..

Norm (Rob Schneider) is a polar bear who could not hunt since he’s ‘too sensitive’ to do it yet he could talk to humans. Hmm… And so, tourists have been abound the North Pole just to take a glimpse of the ‘circus-like’ Norm and the rest of the animals — though many of them were peeved of losing their ‘privacy’.

Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) is a wealthy dude who saw the Arctic as an opportunity and so planned to put up luxury condos and malls in the North Pole. But with their home in peril, Norm decides to go to New York to save it; and there, he meets Olympia (Maya Kay) who helps him concoct a plan in thwarting the schemes of Mr. Greene.

Well, probably the greed of Mr. Greene was not ‘positively’ depicted. Hah! Wow, ‘greed’.. positive?!? Otherwise, the bears were just not huggable — and to a point, not realistic. Hey, Norm’s face just looks more like a mixed lion and deer than a bear! And Mr. Greene? Like a green goblin, obviously. But a very thin one at that!

Okay, though the idea of Norm saving the arctic is good — and his sensitivity for Vera and Olympia as well — his ‘twerking’ and stuff could be alarming for conscientious parents. Yet again, there’s two valuable things to learn from this..

One. As grandpa said it, ‘A king always fights for his home’. So.. Love your land. Love your family. Two. We are all under one sky, whether animal or human — then why not try to live in peace and preserve earth from any sort of destruction??


While the animation may not be that cool with all the sloppiness and poor graphics — plus an animated rendition “of Sean Connery’s 1991 entrance in Robin Hood’s wedding” by grandpa on his reentry to the Arctic — it had a box office of $23.7M on a budget of $18M when it was released back in January 15 in the U.S. and other territories. Now with its run in this part of the globe, it’s bound earn a bit more.



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