On the Streets with a Stylish ‘Preggy’

Even at her pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen is such a fashionable icon that one can’t help but be awed. Is she just trying too hard? Oh well, we could certainly see by how she carries herself — yep, ‘not forced’.

a0225 rs_634x1024-160221205032-634.ChrissyTeigen-jmd-022116

Pants may look tight but you would just love her choice of jacket to enhance her overall appeal. Just great!

a0309 rs_634x1024-160306121429-634.chrissy-teigen.cm.3616

Is her dog part of her styling? Hah! Of course not. But again, her choice ‘for cover’ in an already chic outfit is commendable.


Hmm… You must have already seen this photo in our previous post, but heck, it’s just too cool to pass up! Love her hairstyle!

a0 rs_634x1024-151113164009-634.Chrissy-Teigen-Pregnant-NYC.ms.111315

Everything loose — dress, jacket, hairstyle but still the same — sassy!

0317 rs_634x1024-160314182302-634.Chrissy-Teigen-Dog-PRegnant-LA.ms.031416

Wow, Chrissy’s just a boost for ’em preggies! Good act to follow.. And her due date is even just around the corner!


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