Movie Review: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016)

Today is the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — and what a line we saw in movie theatres! Yep, as expected this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

But also, it’s not surprising that most critics dislike the movie. Why?

Feel for Ben Affleck, huh? You know, he might actually be the most effective Batman to date but why the reviews? Notice those critical comments on the video? That the film’s just too aweful though still 97% wants to watch it. Hah! Of course. For one, these are among the most ‘beloved’ superheroes of all-time; so no matter the review, people would still watch this. It would still be a box office hit!

Then again, you know what makes the movie ‘subtly’ not good?

Lex Luthor? Lois Lane? Hmm… The movie just messed up the heroes by making them go up against each other. The ‘good’ cape crusader we know against the ‘good’ man-of-steel we know. Have they run out of stories? Or just trying to make things more intriguing? Sadly, it’s superheroes or supposedly good people ‘distrusted’ each other — that’s what was pictured out. So, is that good?

Seems the production just included Wonder Woman to spice up the film, just in case. Yeah!batman-v-superman-trailer-gives-us-our-first-good-look-at-the-new-wonder-woman

And ‘just-in-case’ indeed! See, their acting is okay — just didn’t like the choice of Luthor. Could have been someone a little older to portray ‘cunning’ more effectively, or perhaps his hair just wasn’t so cute? Hah! But more so, the plot has turned those ‘faithful’ into ‘radicals’. Hey, instead of makin’ ’em fight each other, they could’ve just brought in the whole ‘Justice League’ — just like other ‘group’ superheroes, that’d really be nice!

Anyway, if you like ‘power’ and ‘action’ — T’is still fun to watch!


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