2016 NBA Weekly: Sixth Man of Year Finalists

With just about 9 regular season games to go for each team, who do you think deserves to be the 2016 NBA Sixth Man of the Year awardee? Well, sure we all have our bets but it would be logical that he should come from a winning or breakthrough team.

So could the recipient come from the Warriors? Guess this could be less likely as their season has been mainly carried by the brilliance of imminent MVP Steph Curry.

Anyway, let’s first understand our basis in selecting..

Since a player could get injured or be rested by the team, he should have played at least 17mpg in no less than 50 of the 82 games. And more than his points per game, he should be measured through his PIE (Player Impact Estimate) with due consideration to his age and team standing. This would focus the choice on a player’s real value and his contribution off the bench.

Okay, with the way Lance Stephenson has bounced back from irrelevancy and help the Grizzlies in the absence of their injured stars — he should definitely be a favorite to win the Sixth Man of the Year award. But. But. He has only played 18 games for Memphis which means the team’s position has somehow been established even before he arrived. So, no dice. His run now is a good career revival, and though he has greatly helped his team, he lacks the number of games to win the award. Maybe next year, who knows.

Here are our Sixth Man of the Year finalists.

Charlotte's Jeremy Lin
Charlotte’s Jeremy Lin

JEREMY LIN (PIE 9.2%). Charlotte Hornets 42-31. Without a doubt, the addition of Lin into the Hornets lineup provided that spark off the bench and has contributed to the success of the Hornets and a more effective Kemba Walker.

Boston's Kelly Olynyk
Boston’s Kelly Olynyk

KELLY OLYNYK (PIE 11.1%). Boston Celtics 43-30. In a league that has gone small, Kelly has been showing us that he could chip in yet in a ‘big’ way — helping the Celtics be the surprise of the East! Did we also hear Evan Turner? Could be..

CORY JOSEPH (PIE 8.8%). Toronto Raptors 49-23. Cory has proven to be a valuable sub as he has shown that all he needs is ‘more’ playing time to be a significant contributor for the Raptors.

Toronto's Cory Joseph
Toronto’s Cory Joseph

ED DAVIS (PIE 12.4%). Portland Trailblazers 38-36. With the loss of 4 of Portland’s starters to other teams, Davis has especially pitched in where it’s needed most — pushing Portland to surprisingly contend for a PlayOff spot.

Clippers' Jamal Crawford
Clippers’ Jamal Crawford

JAMAL CRAWFORD (PIE 9%). LA Clippers 45-27. Even at 36, Jamal has still been playing 26.7 minutes a game, it only shows his value for the Clippers as they continue to hold ground in the absence of superstar Blake Griffin.

San Antonio's Manu Ginobili
San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili

MANU GINOBILI (PIE 12%). San Antonio Spurs 61-12. In an advanced age of 38 and still playing significant minutes, the Spurs would not be where they are now without Manu leading the deepest bench of the league.

DAVID WEST (PIE 11.9%). San Antonio Spurs 61-12. One just can’t ignore the stability and toughness David brings to San Antonio. And David embracing his role could win it all for the Spurs!

Spurs' David West
Spurs’ David West

Oh some of you might be wondering why Atlanta’s Dennis Schroeder is not on the list, well, considering where the Hawks were last year — this season, the team has just experienced a significant drop from last year’s showing (wonder if they’d even reach 50 wins?) and Dennis’ efforts just weren’t enough.

Popularity Contest, that’s the only way our nominees could change.


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