#Living To Live Without Plastic

Is it actually possible to live without plastic? For one, many of our daily necessities involve plastic. And we do not only use them but reuse them, so it’s pretty cost efficient, too. Thus, how could one live without plastic? Except for lifestyle, or health reasons maybe..

Well, you heard it. A reaffirmation on the dangers of plastic. That’s why didn’t you notice even when you go out for a walk? There are these trash cans, different ones — from biodegradables to non-biodegradables. And where do plastics fall? The non-bio, of course.

So plastics is not good, at least for the environment that it pollutes and obviously, for us too as toxic chemicals found in them gradually enters the food chain — causing various health problems. Yet again, plastics has become an integral part of our lives; and the only thing we could do to eliminate if not lessen its impact is to slowly phase them out of our lives..

How? From disposing the plastic products that we use to avoiding if not minimizing purchases that has plastic with it; to making your own organic products to sharing your conviction about it. Wow! Was that pretty long and dizzying?!

Anyway, do you think it is possible for us to eventually live without plastic? Some products may even have no alternatives right now..

Besides, there are still benefits to it. As mentioned earlier, it’s cost efficient if we are to reuse them. Still, the focus should not be just about reusing but not letting it enter the food chain. So does proper disposal have way then? Recycling is key to most plastics while a ‘paradigm shift’ is needed for a healthier us. Let’s go organic!


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