My Home: Simple Tiny House Design

Yes, we’ve already seen a number of compact houses but still, the perspectives are different. Like clothing, technology or just about anything — other than price, things do boil down to design and features.

So, let’s have a look at this ‘Simple Tiny House Design’ by Alex Pino..

Cute? Hah, and cost efficient! Hmm… But did we hear of adding a patio? That would be nice but we’d need more than 150 square feet of land then. If ever there’s home improvements or something like that — here, we just have to do it within the limits of what we have.

While fixing a spot for a TV or sound system could be considered, it’s not really necessary for simple living, so don’t worry so much about it. On the other hand, a fridge (even a small one) and making sure there’s enough storage for kitchen items and clothes is a ‘must’.

As for the dining, it should be able to be folded just like the ladder for the loft. Meanwhile, the sofa in the living area would be cooler if it could turn into a sleeping place as well — like having a ‘sofa bed’ instead of a regular sofa. Makes sense?

One last thing, how about another door other than the entrance?


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