Food & How To: Dried Mangoes

In the Philippines, the home of dried mangoes is Cebu province. It’s just one of those delicacies that the province is known for, so as the belief goes, wherever you go — don’t miss out on its delicacy!

Understandably though, we sometimes come to love that delicacy that we want to make it ourselves so even when we go back home — we won’t be missing it too much. And so, for this issue, how are dried mangoes actually made?

Dehydration. That’s the key to making dried mangoes. And to do that, all you need is a ‘dehydrator’ otherwise, if you don’t have one — your oven will do. Same procedure.

Peel the mango. Slice it. Put them in a tray. Then in an oven at 105F. After about 3-4 hours, it’s done and ready to eat! However, bear in mind that since this has no preservatives, it could only last a couple of days. Hence, if you want it longer — a procedure with some water, refined sugar and sodium metabisulfite (preservative) are needed for a mixture where you could soak the mangoes for 6 hours after being heated.

Great for snacking or home business! Wow!


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