Gadget Review: FUCI Concept Bike

While a ‘bike’ would most always have two wheels, FUCI Concept Bike — which is also groomed as the ‘bike of the future’ — has, yes, 2 wheels but of different sizes. A smaller wheel in the front and a big wheel at the back, almost 3 feet in diameter. Oh, sort of reminds us of some circus bikes. Hah! Well, the prototypes are colored orange and white. Indeed circus-like, eh?!!

0403 fuci bike featured

Then again, think about it, wouldn’t having a smaller front wheel strain our arms in long rides?? By the way, FUCI actually stands for F*** Union Cycliste Internationale. Seriously.

Anyway, more than the colors and the wheels, check this out..

Think the ‘windscreen’ would make a difference? Guess it’s more of aesthetic than anything else. After all, it couldn’t really cover the real wind ‘obstruction’ which is the rider. Ooops! Though love that spot for smartphones — just behind the windscreen. It not only holds your device but protects it from rain. Perhaps Robert Egger could do some kind of tinting to shield the phone from sunlight as well. Is this the ultimate racing bike? engineer reveals stunning machine created with NO rules

Anyhow, though some may not like the smartphone sync idea, it does have cool benefits — like, monitoring the tires for proper pressure. Very helpful! And so, the bike also comes with a lithium battery for the little motor (to help the big wheel), headlights and stuff. That’s okay. Besides, lights are especially needed at night. Just disconnect when not needed..

The trunk is cute though — really trying hard to embrace the car!!


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