Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Although its 2008 predecessor, Cloverfield, is a bit different from 10 Cloverfield Lane — both were actually pretty good, considering they were even low budget films and being presented in ‘found footage’.

Nonetheless, let’s dig in a bit into the synopsis of the 2016 version.

Following an argument with her fiance, Michelle consequently gets into a car accident — then wakes up in some underground bunker with 2 men, one of whom, Howard claiming to have saved her from a chemical attack that made the outside world uninhabitable. Soon, Michelle manages to escape and discovers the truth about what’s really happening up and out there.

Mysterious? Right. 10_cloverfield_lane_paramount.0

Hmm… The choice of characters were good as well. John Goodman was unbelievable in portraying Howard while Mary Elizabeth Winstead did justice to Michelle’s character of a resolute woman. But isn’t this something similar to 1997’s Kiss The Girls where the lead gets locked up? Although a different plot but still..

Anyhow, here’s some points to note. One. Howard was said to have created the bunker beforehand and for years, so it’s like he really has something to do with the ‘chaos’ — making him ‘believably’ bad. What with Michelle being sort of locked in a room and chained to a wall?! And he’s even got perchloric acid! Not to mention, an attitude. With these alone, Michelle would certainly be doubtful of him.

cloverfield5-xlargeYet somehow, Howard was ‘right’. The outside world was indeed under some attack — not by chemicals but by aliens! Staying inside the bunker would truly have made sense. Psycho thing. The above-the-ground shaking, too. Good one by the film’s producers.

Then again, ‘aliens’ as the perpetrators. What’s with monsters and aliens, why always them? If these are the only threats we know, then how about exploring? Like, would there be a need for UFOs, or how about the aliens’ graphics? Consider such before a sequel.

In all, it’s still a nice alternative to spend the weekend.


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