Movie Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

When it comes to animation or live-action, the keys to entertaining the audience are the visuals and.. the voice cast. The story, meanwhile, is what holds the film; thus, with good values, it becomes really worth watching. And that’s what The Jungle Book has brought to the screens in this year’s remake of Rudyard Kipling’s classic.

The plot. An orphaned boy who’s raised by wolves decides to go on his own for the safety of the pack against the threats of Shere Khan, the fearsome Bengali tiger. And, in the process discovers what it really is to be human and part of the jungle.

This one was really nicely done. Great visual effects. One could see just how natural they were. The voice cast, perfect. Shere Khan was real scary. Kaa was deceptive. Raksha was caring. And Mowgli? He wasn’t like a newbie, he’s just lovable. Hah!

Then add to it the life’s lessons — and you got a hit!


The ‘Law of the Jungle’ — a water truce where all animals gather at the Peace Rock to drink the remaining water during the dry season. This is the only time when animals would not devour one another. Wow, guess t’is somethin’ like a Christmas or New Year truce when rebels and government soldiers won’t be firing at each other. Just a wonderful lesson from animals!

The_Jungle_Book_77467The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. How many viewers even thought about this? It’s like an eye-opener not just in terms of understanding how wolves are but the undeniable force that unity brings forth.

Shere Khan’s story to the little wolves about the chicks dying because they were neglected since the mother loved a child that’s not her own. This actually makes sense. Before you could save someone else, you got to save your own first. And in this case, t’was Mowgli who showed that yet in a different way by voluntarily leaving to save the pack. videothumbnail_thejunglebook2016_disney_eb5a3208

Hmm… Don’t you just love the ‘bare necessities’?! While Lion King had ‘hakuna matata’, Jungle Book has ‘bare necessities’. Yup, just forget about your worries and have faith. Trust that Mother Nature, or God would take care of your needs. Isn’t that huge?!! A real life lesson!

Bear Necessities: Mowgli and Baloo (Photo: ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc.)
Bare Necessities: Mowgli and Baloo (Photo: ©2015 Disney)

If there’s any holes in this film, it must only be Mowgli not getting run over by a stampede of buffaloes. Hey, don’t you think that would be quite impossible? Being in the middle and not really getting scraped? Well, just too many pluses to notice it..

And finally, understanding the ‘red flower’, or the burning torch is what indeed separates man from animals. The ability to think.. and create. Just live and be guided by the Word.


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