Music Review: Shades At Night (Everywhere)

Today for our music feature is a real cool song from a Swedish band named ‘Everywhere’, and it’s entitled — Shades At Night, their latest single.

Let’s check out their official music video..

So, just as we said — Cool, right?! The lyrics is nice and clean. And the acoustics simply took the song to another level. There are those who says that they even sound like ‘The Cure’, ‘Depeche Mode’, and ‘The Killers’, an American rock band that was formed back in 2001.

But ‘Everywhere’ is now.. And they certainly got potential!

Max Berga, lead vocal for Swedish Alt Rock Band 'Everywhere'
Max Berga, lead vocal for Swedish Rock Band ‘Everywhere’

While the video is great, we know that there’s always room for improvement especially for the next songs — so they could start making a real dent in the industry. Like, their video could do more than just light up the studio — yeah, they could make a story out of it — out of the lyrics. Max Berga’s style may be captivating but variation in MVs helps as well, and the production should know that.

Yet for now, let’s just enjoy this heckuva song!


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