Consumer Video: How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner using a Bottle

How important is a ‘vacuum cleaner’ really? If a feather duster is not enough or would just mess things up; if you want your place to be basically dust free; if you don’t want to feel uneasy or itchy when you get into contact with those little particles that we never really noticed — then it must be time to have a ‘vacuum cleaner’.

But how when buying one could just wreck your budget?? Answer, ‘make your own’ vacuum cleaner!

Hmm… while the materials are common or cheap, there are those who could find this as ‘troublesome’; you know, just too much work that one isn’t even sure if it’s worth it. Hah! Then go back to those IFs we mentioned earlier.

The thing here is if you can’t find the exact material then look for alternatives. If the battery is just too heavy to bring around the house while cleaning — then lengthen the wires. There’s always a way to those who really wants productivity.

Okay, the ‘improvised’ vacuum cleaner could be a little light, making it ‘unsteady’ when left on the floor for one — but then, isn’t carrying something light better when we do house chores? Less strain. Speedier completion. Besides, would you retire your vacuum cleaner in the middle of the house? Or beside the heat? So..

This is cool stuff! Very helpful.


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