Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

While there are those who would find My Big Fat Greek Wedding series eccentric, this series actually gave us a delightful microscopic view of what being ‘close’ is all about. 

Through the years: Toula and Ian
Through the years: Toula and Ian (Part 1, left | Part 2, right)

Funny here, is not just because of their tagging each member of their ‘extended’ family in most occasions — as even many Asians does have this practice — but also because of their accent. You know, many other nationalities has that different yet cute stress in their spoken English, too.

Add to it the importunateness of Gus Portokalos — and you’ll have a huge share of laughs. Yeah, more than just a sitcom kinda humor..

Okay, this time in Part 2, the film tried to focus on a family secret — with Gus as the center but in fact what we saw here is more of a heart-warming evolution of life and family. From Gus and Maria to Toula and Ian to Paris and Bennett. As even from Part 1, Gus has always been the foundation of the movie; however, his delightful antics in Part 1 has, sadly, become sort of monotonous in Part 2.

And even with the issues of Paris looking for college admission and her papoo insisting on finding her a Greek bf, what really made this film worthwhile is the lesson on marriage and love.

Bennett and Paris
Bennett and Paris

As Gus said something like this to Toula, “You have been married, you know what it’s like to have that person there right beside you.. in every way. You walk through your life seeing your shadow as two people. You know you can reach out in the night and that person is there.. and then they’re not cause they make you sleep on the couch..”

Gus and Maria Portokalos
Gus and Maria Portokalos

Marriage has its troubles. No relationship is perfect. But if you always try to fix and make time for each other then all the troubles would be worth it. Happiness is really about commitment — don’t let anything or anyone break it.


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