2016 NBA PlayOffs: Day 1, April 16

The PlayOffs has begun and the first day results were as expected.


Paul George: Indiana's one-man army
Paul George: Indiana’s one-man army

For many who believes in the power of seedings, this may be a surprise — Indiana beating Toronto and at their home court at that! Then again, we were one of those that felt the Pacers could advance to the second round. Yeah, the Raptors may be the Eastern Conference’s second seed but just like previous years, their winning ways end in regular season.

Hey, the Raptors’ reliables are just a bit too ‘small and light’ to make an impact especially for a team without much of a system! Still, if they could contain Paul George then they’d avoid an early exit.


Stephen Curry: Key to upending the Warriors
Stephen Curry: Key to upending the Warriors

After barely making it to the PlayOffs, Houston is up against a record-setting Golden State team. Do you think the Rockets stand a chance? Well, they just got blown out by 26!

To make this series even worth watching, one, the Rockets should play Beasley more. He’s one reason why Harden doesn’t really have to do it all by himself. Just look at what happened when Beasley was acquired. Two, minimize turnovers. Three, know where your man is. And four, continue hounding Curry like what Patrick Beverley did. If he loses focus, the Warriors could only go so far.


Boston's Isaiah Thomas needs help
Isaiah Thomas: Boston’s moving force

Perhaps the most evenly matched teams in this year’s PlayOff bracketing was just manifested in their final score. While the Hawks led for most of Game 1, look at how the Celtics held their ground. This series could go 6, 7 games.

Boston should just play Tyler Zeller — even start him. Hey, Sullinger and Johnson at the starting five is like having 2 men with the same style — physical. Variety would make the Celtics more flexible and open things up a little more for Thomas.


Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki needs help
Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki needs help

The Mavericks are simply overmatched. Just look at the box scores — imagine, only 37-year-old Nowitzki got into double figures for Dallas while Oklahoma had four. This means, the Thunder could even take it easy and just rev it up in the fourth quarter. Yeah! ‘Cause is the Mavs defense even good enough to hold off a sudden aggressiveness from the Thunder?

As it is, their only hope here is to fully utilize what they have. See, Parsons is out, why not use Jeremy Evans? He’s athletic, he could score and bother Durant a bit. Also JaVale McGee, he should be given a larger role what with David Lee on the sidelines?!!

Well, if only the Mavs had the tested 38-year-old Jason Terry?! Seriously.


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