2016 NBA PlayOffs: Day 2, April 17

It’s been a day of blowouts save for one we expected to be a fight.

PISTONS 101, CAVS 106 

Cavs' Big Three humming at the same time
Cavs’ Big Three humming at the same time

After 3 quarters the Pistons were still leading the Cavs by 2.. And as we said previously, they matchup well — and not just on paper. See?! Looking at their stats, the Pistons even shot better from 2s and 3s — they just got to take better care of the ball.

Yeah, the Pistons actually had a chance.. and has a chance but first, they also have to minimize the effectiveness of at least one of the Cavs’ Big Three.


Heat, just too much firepower
Heat, just too much firepower

No way are you going to beat at team with 20 more field goal attempts than you — even if you have 13 more made free throws! Whoa, that’s like a potential 40 points! And as the stats say, the Heat’s made attempts was 21 more, hmm…

This is simply a case of rebounding, although the Heat dominated most of the stats including assists, steals, blocked shots and has lesser turnovers. And so, the result? A 32-point victory.

Can the Hornets come back? Oh, may be they could win a game but they won’t win the series. They just need to be more efficient and right now, that would simply be ‘daydreaming’.


A first round dose of Kawhi
A first round dose of Kawhi

Why play this series? This is obviously going to be a walk in the park for the Spurs especially with Marc Gasol, Mike Conley and Brandan Wright out for the Grizzlies. Yep, many fans would just be bored and would want to get to the second round — but then, this series should serve as a good practice for the Spurs to familiarize their new players in a playoff atmosphere while getting Kawhi Leonard used to the pressures of being the ‘Top Dog’.


Griffin, just too much for the Blazers
Griffin, just too much for the Blazers

Griffin and Jordan were just too overpowering for Portland that not even a ‘hack-a-Jordan’ could do anything. Well, the game would have been much closer if shooters like Allen Crabbe were given more confidence. See..

In times like this, the Blazers could certainly use the help of a Chris Kaman. It’s the PlayOffs! You need some experience to help guide the team and calm the newbies. Look what happened to McCollum in their loss? Besides Kaman’s a reliable big man, he could score and he’s not that old yet. Okay, although it may not prevent the Clippers from advancing, such a move could make things interesting..

And maybe even give the Blazers a win.


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