2016 NBA PlayOffs: Conference Finals’ Predictions

Seven days into the PlayOffs, and what do we have? 4 teams trailing by 1 game, and the other 4 teams still winless. Predictions?

EAST Finals: CLE v MIA  |  WEST Finals: GSW v SAS


After a close Game 1, the Cavs has basically won through it’s 3-point shooting. In Game 2, JR Smith had a hot night helping Cleveland dump Detroit. And in their last game, the Pistons just shot miserably from downtown converting only 6 out of their 23 attempts for 26.1 percent while the Cavs made 12-29 for 41.4 percent. Geez, know when you’re hot or not!

If the Pistons can’t correct this, it’s gonna be a sweep.


Dragic: Miami's key (Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Dragic: Miami’s key (Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

Many believed the Pacers just pulled an upset in Game 1, and so the next 2 games belonged to the Raptors. Did DeRozan and Lowry recover their shooting touch? Well, guess it’s really more of Carroll providing that scoring punch with a 7-16 field goal in Game 3. DeRozan, he just shot more while Lowry had a better 3-point percentage than his 2s — though he had 8 dimes.

Since the Pacers doesn’t really have anyone but Paul George, the Raptors should take this one.


It’s almost game time for Miami at Charlotte. And unless Jeremy Lin and the rest of the Hornets’ supporting cast are given more chances and plays consistently, it’s gonna be a sweep as well for the Heat. Hey, Kemba Walker is starting to look like Houston’s James Harden in taking almost 30 shots a game!


Finally Boston won! And the key was more than just inserting Evan Turner into the starting lineup — it’s removing Sullinger since both him and Amir Johnson just literally slows down the Celtics. And with Jerebko, it’s like having an Olynyk on the floor.

The key here is if the Celtics could keep this up. So we say, Atlanta is still gonna win the series mainly because they got Dennis Schroder to back up Jeff Teague.


Did Harden commit an offensive foul in Game 3’s dying seconds? So, this means they just got lucky in winning that game. Yet again, the Warriors can’t be so sure, with the Rockets now breathing life after that win — the series could get tied if Curry doesn’t play in Game 4.

And this could even reach a Game 7! Don’t forget, the Rockets are still a talented team who just forgot to win. But if the Warriors win Game 4, it’s over.


Curry: Warriors' key
Curry: Warriors’ key

So, since when did Matt Barnes become a scorer? If they need support for Randolph which they do, go to Stephenson more often. Still, with their current lineup, it’d be tough to get even one victory over the Spurs. And Martin isn’t even playing!


With all the injuries that Dallas have, they’re even lucky to win a game. But if they fight like wounded tigers and not go with the pace of the Thunder, they could still make this series more interesting. Felton has the skills, he just needs consistency.

It’s just a wonder why the Mavs shot 3s pretty much like the Pistons at 6-23 in both their last games when the Mavs has more decent shooters — while the Pistons, they should be playing more to their strengths with the front line they have.


This is gonna be a forgettable series. With the Blazers’ dynamic duo being bottled up and their bigs not being maximized, they’d be lucky to win even a game. It’s a sweep for the Clippers!


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