Consumer Video: How are Hot Dogs made?

Have you ever wondered how ‘hot dogs’ are made? Yes, today we will go through one of the most loved ‘fast foods’ in many streets of the world — and so for the curious and especially for the hungry, here’s how!

Some points to take note of.

One, hot dogs are ‘already seasoned’ while still being processed. Yep, this seasoning depends on where the hot dog would be sold which means it’s customized — so, don’t wonder why hot dogs from this place tastes different from that, and that it’s even unique within regions. That’s because of how the majority appreciates it.

Two. Hot dogs are high in sodium, fat and nitrite which are linked to various health problems; so go slow in consuming them, better yet buy more of those that are made of chicken rather than those made of pork and beef. And remember, ‘wieners’ are more of pork but are blander while ‘franks’ are more of beef and are strongly seasoned. So, take your pick.

Three. Water is actually the reason why hot dogs are juicy — as it also helps disperse the ingredients. Interesting, huh?! Just be careful when adding some so to get your expected results.

Four. While one could make hamburger patties with relative ease, you could actually also make hot dogs at home — even without those factory ‘vacuum’ machines. Watch this..

The key is in the plastic — that is, if only for shape. However, you should use a special kind of plastic since you’d be baking it before actually frying. And! Try adding water for a juicier hot dog. Hah!



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