2016 NBA PlayOffs: Day 11, April 26

Day 11. A reversal of fate — DeMar DeRozan and Isaiah Thomas.

PACERS 99, RAPTORS 102   TOR Leads 3-2 

T'was just one game, don't celebrate too much
T’was just one game, don’t celebrate too much

Finally, DeMar DeRozan put up some All-Star numbers to help the Raptors come back from a 13 point deficit to win by 3. Yet looking closely, it wasn’t really because DeRozan wasn’t shooting enough in the past four games that his game was nowhere to be found — but because he just can not sink his shots, yeah, just as Kyle Lowry has been struggling, too.

Then again, are we sure that DeRozan could ‘already’ keep up with his better showing? 50/50. See, if you just had so many failures, one success is not enough to re-establish yourself. You need a ‘string’ of successes to reverse the ‘tradeable’ tag you got from fans.

Besides, the loss of Indiana wasn’t because of DeRozan’s doing, he only had 5 in the 4th — t’was team effort! The loss of Indiana was due to their 4Q turnovers — 6, while missing a ton! Hmm…

CELTICS 83, HAWKS 110   ATL Leads 3-2 

Hawks' shooters need more consistency to be a worthy Cavs' opponent
Hawks’ shooters need more consistency to be a worthy Cavs’ opponent

By far the biggest winning margin of their series, the Hawks really came to play in this one — but could they do it one more time against a feisty Boston team? For one, Isaiah Thomas was just not himself in Game 5, shooting only 3-12 and missing all 4 3-point attempts. Still, if Korver and Bazemore could shoot more consistently throughout the PlayOffs then perhaps it would be better for the Hawks to advance than the Celtics — anyway, their ‘top gun’ Isaiah Thomas sprained his ankle, too. And the Cavaliers are up next!


What a turn of events?!! Suddenly the Blazers has gotten a real good chance of even making the Western Finals! This was after Chris Paul broke his hand on the Clippers’ Game 4 loss against the Blazers — resulting in the sidelining of another top point guard after Golden State’s Stephen Curry, and..

Not to mention the Clippers’ chances has been further compounded after Blake Griffin aggravated his left quadriceps tendon. Whew!


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