2016 NBA PlayOffs: Day 14, The Agony Ends

After 2 weeks, we got a couple of Game 7s coming up, yep, both in the Eastern Conference; while the other game in the West — mercifully ending the agony as Portland sends LA fishing after winning their series.

HEAT 97, HORNETS 90 Series tied 3-3 

Jeremy Lin: Charlotte's missing link in Game 6
Jeremy Lin: Charlotte’s missing link in Game 6

Missing in this close-out game is the other half of Charlotte’s 1-2 punch — Jeremy Lin — as he only scored 8 points on 1-8 shooting. Hey, if only he was a little more aggressive, who knows if Charlotte could have won?! After all, Lin was still 6 points below his PlayOff average. So at the very least, Lin should attempt 15 a game and put pressure on Miami’s defense — reliable guns get fouls.

RAPTORS 83, PACERS 101 Series tied 3-3 

Time for Toronto's DeRozan and Lowry to defer (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)
Time for Toronto’s DeRozan and Lowry to defer? (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Let’s take a look at what Toronto’s Patrick Patterson said after their Game 6 loss to Indiana.

“We have to have a long, hard look in the mirror at ourselves and realize what basketball team we want to be,” Patterson said. “Do we want to be the team that won 56 games? Do we want to be the team that got two All-Stars to the All-Star Game, all the accolades, set new records, went on long winning streaks, played great defense in the first half of the season? Or do we want to be this team that’s come to Indiana the past two times and got blown out of the water?

Hmm… If they ‘proceed’ to believe in this notion, they won’t beat Indiana. Why? Intensity in the regular season and the PlayOffs are different. They got to face the fact that DeMar DeRozan is just too ‘small’ for the PlayOffs, he could easily be defended by bigger and more aggressive opponents.

And Lowry — since Toronto’s top guns are both at the back court, Indiana does not need to shift their defense, the duo’s just in one place — the perimeter. Unless they have better ball movement instead of just isolation plays, then that would help their cause..

Otherwise, time for Toronto to ‘continuously’ shuffle their men, to defer to Cory Joseph and Terrence Ross at times — yeah, so as to even have a chance at winning this series.

CLIPPERS 103, BLAZERS 106 POR wins 4-2

As if injuries to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin weren’t enough, now comes a wayward elbow by Aminu to the face of Austin Rivers. It’s accidental, of course. But that just speaks of the kind of postseason the Clippers have had this year. Although the Blazers advance, the Clippers should be proud, they came down fighting and lost only in the dying seconds. Kudos to Austin for epitomizing the ‘heart of a champion’!

Okay, it’s but right to expect a better postseason for LA next year — they got the tools! Yet again, they must be jinxed!?? In last year’s PlayOffs, we saw Paul limp and lose. This year, again Paul along with Griffin are hurt as they miss the chance to advance. Coincidence?

Maybe what the team needs is a Shaman. Hah! Seriously.


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