2016 NBA PlayOffs: Day 15, Who’s the Boss?

We all perceived the semifinal showdown between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs as the most anticipated among the second round matchups. After all, it’s a battle between 2 great teams who could really win it all.

But then, after the first game.. No, in fact just minutes into the first quarter of Game 1, many were simply awed as the Spurs shellacked OKC and thereby ending the first period, 43-20; yeah, they never looked back until the final buzzer and won by 32 points!

Yup, it’s like all their shots were just gonna fall in as after 3 quarters, San Antonio have already amassed 105 points led by star LaMarcus Aldridge with 38, Leonard with 25 and Danny Green coming to fore on 5-6 from 3s. However, as a team, the most startling stat here would be in the assists department — 39 for San Antonio! This then translated to a 51-84 field goal or 60.7 percent. Wow!

And it’s not like the Spurs completely out-rebounded OKC, t’was just 43-38; with the Thunder also having a good passing night with 23. So.. Must just be the Spurs’ night. Yet if the Spurs don’t watch out, OKC would likely return the favor come next game.


In the other Western Conference semifinal series, since Steph Curry is out, there’s really nothing much to talk about unless the Blazers would appear headed to the West Finals. But over at the East, it’s getting pretty exciting with those 2 Game 7s coming up..

More so would be the status of Miami’s Chris Bosh. While there has been rumors of a rift between Bosh and Miami about him playing, heck, where’s that rift exactly?? Miami just doesn’t want to imperil their star player and so, he’s still shelved. Meanwhile, Bosh simply wants to help his team go deep into the PlayOffs. So, where’s the rift there? Obviously, they’re just looking for the good of both sides.

Chris Bosh: Miami's key to enter the Finals
Chris Bosh: Miami’s key to enter the Finals

Then again, if Bosh is healthy as he claims to be — let him play. He has been checked by physicians. And while he may have not played for a while, sure he must have done something to keep in shape; besides, he could join team practices if really cleared.

Why, would Bosh harm the team’s chemistry if he plays? Oh why, have the Heat become invincible since Bosh became inactive?? So? Letting him gradually get into the groove while it’s still early in the PlayOffs is in fact much better — as it’d prepare him for bigger battles ahead.


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