In Pictures: Gatubod Spring Resort (Compostela, Cebu)

It’s summer and getting way too hot, so if you are in search of a wonderful getaway in the midst of nature — then this hidden spring in Basak, Compostela, Cebu must be for you — Gatubod Spring Resort!


T’is the Municipal Hall of Compostela opposite its Public Market. It’s where you’ll get off on your way to Gatubod. Click Here for more.


Main Entrance

Entrance fee is P60 for adults and P30 for children. There’s no corkage fee so you could bring all the food you want and enjoy!

First pool you’d see upon entering the resort

There are actually just 2 pools not 3 as the other one is too small and just serves as some ‘launching point’ for the slides. And this pool above is about 4 to 6 feet deep.



On this area is where the little pool is for your slide launch..

Notice the ‘mini-falls’ or shower on the right?


Meanwhile, t’is the second pool and you’ll find it after climbing those steps. It’s depth is around 2 to 4 feet and where most of the crowd is since it’s wider plus it has a ‘mini-falls’ that you could enjoy!

The ‘launching pool’ for the slides



There are two paths to go up and down the resort, t’is one of ’em.


Oh, swimming would be hard if you’re alone since there’s no private room for rent, no one could look after your stuff. And if you come in a group, it’s good to rent cottages where it’s priced from P250-P500 — just pay for it upon entering. Yes, the pool is open from 8am-8pm.

Hmm… Just don’t drink if you want to swim! Enjoy!




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