2016 NBA PlayOffs: May 1, He Who Shoots More, Wins?

After 16 days, the cast is now complete for the NBA’s semifinal round. While the West had already begun their series, it’s the East that’s just about to start — and starting with Cleveland versus Atlanta. Well, that’s an over-matched series that’s not really worth talking about unless Atlanta proves otherwise.

So, how about just going through the 2 just concluded Game 7s?

HORNETS 73, HEAT 106 MIA wins 4-3 

In case Wade gets 'lazy', Gerald Green should be give more time
In case Wade gets ‘lazy’ or Johnson doesn’t produce, Green should be give more time

While Miami had 5 men in double figures led by Dragic who shot 11-17 for 25 points and ably supported by Gerald Green on a 7-16 shooting for 16 points — the opposite was seen in Charlotte. Yeah, Walker and Kaminsky had at least 15 attempts each but they only converted 3 each — aside from the fact that their PlayOff reliables had less than 10 attempts each. Jefferson only shot 7 times, Lin 8 and Batum 9. So, what do you expect? If you don’t shoot, you won’t score. No matter how low the percentage, having the ball still gives you that chance to score — and of course, win!

Okay, while Miami out-rebounded Charlotte by 22 — that didn’t really show in their number of attempts as they only had 5 more compared to Charlotte — this is because their shots were going in. You can see that with their 10 assists’ difference. Hmm…

PACERS 84, RAPTORS 89 TOR wins 4-3 

One of DeRozan's 32 attempts (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP)
One of DeRozan’s 32 attempts (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP)

It’s definitely good to make past the first round after 15 years for Toronto. Yet what if Paul George (only attempted 18 shots but made 8 of them for 44.44 percent) had as many attempts as DeMar DeRozan (attemped 32 times but only made 10 of them) ? Do you think Toronto would have won?? Hah! That’s 6 more made shots for PG. Indiana would then win by 7! Hypothetical? Think again.

See, DeRozan actually shot poorly 10-32 for just 31.25 percent; but because of the many attempts, even Paul George thinks DeRozan’s special. Now, DeMar DeRozan is good. But 10-32.. Special? Wonder what would happen to kids watching the game? Oh yeah, rebounding also plays a role in this. That’s why it’s a wonder why Hill and Allen were not used by Frank Vogel when Mahinmi and Turner could only come up with a combined 10 rebounds — compared to Toronto’s Valanciunas (15) and Biyombo (11).

And so, as what Kenny Smith also said “if a team loses by 7 or less points, it’s the coach’s fault.” In this case, it’s Frank Vogel’s fault. Hill and Allen could have helped not just in scoring but in defense and rebounding especially. Makes sense.

BLAZERS 106, WARRIORS 118   GSW Leads 1-0

As for the Warriors-Blazers series, since the Warriors are favorites, it’d only be interesting if Steph Curry starts playing even if it’s all blow outs for GSW — or if the Blazers could upset the Warriors.

Otherwise, how about some ‘side show’ as well? Hah!


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