2016 NBA PlayOffs: May 3, More Drama!

Ahh, forget the Cavaliers winning (104-93) over the Hawks in their first game. That’s expected. Hawks can’t help but panic. Same goes with today’s second victory (110-99) of the Warriors over the Blazers. Hey, the excitement is in the other two series!

San Antonio v Oklahoma. Miami v Toronto. 

With a focused Wade and Deng: It'd be even tougher for DeRozan to score
With a ‘focused’ Wade and Deng, it’d be even tougher for Toronto’s DeRozan to score

First, today’s game between the Heat and the Raptors. The Heat won 102-96. Yeah, it’s still Game 1; and with the inconsistency of Joe Johnson (percentage) and Dwyane Wade (aggressiveness), this gives Toronto a chance to actually pull off an upset. Yup, upset — despite them being the higher seed over Miami. After all, Miami was still finding its groove during the regular season while Toronto just piled up wins since there were lesser adjustments to make on their part.

Yet again, it’s the PlayOffs. And because Toronto’s DeRozan is just too ‘small’ for the postseason, and regardless if Lowry hit a half-court heave in regulation, it’s just one shot and he’s still struggling because of their ‘perimeter’ system — and so, the Heat should be favored to make the Eastern Finals. Yeah, especially with ‘The Dragon’ catching fire in the postseason.


Sure, this game is still the talk of basketball fans around the world. OKC’s Waiters shoving San Antonio’s Ginobili on the inbounds. The final 13.5 seconds of Game 2 with 5 non-calls leading to a Spurs defeat against the Thunder, 97-98.

Our take.

The game was tight and things happened so fast that’s why the refs just didn’t see them. Okay. But then, shouldn’t things be corrected after an ‘on-court’ review? Stop the confusion and reset the game. See, the NBA should not allow the players and officials to just go home and talk about it the next day for penalties or whatever. As officials, they should be able to ‘think on their feet’.

Regarding the contention that Ginobili stepped on the line before Waiters shoved him — then why didn’t they call the technical if that’s the rule? Because t’was too fast and impossible to be seen ‘live’ — so, see?? And besides, he was ‘continuously’ jumping, so t’was really just a split second from an unknowing harasser in Ginobili — yes, it’s not like he planted his foot on the line. Thus, the focus should be on the more obvious which was the shoving of Waiters on Ginobili that started the whole insane chain reaction.

As it is, some rules need to be fixed.

Shoving from the ‘outside’ shouldn’t be an offensive foul. It’s worse since you’re even outside. Should be a technical and ball possession.


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