Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War (2016)

Let’s go straight to the point. Captain America – Civil War is quite long at two-and-a-half hours; besides, the plot is a bit common — a divided group of super heroes on the system of accountability. Being a citizen of this planet, do you want them to fight freely, or to report to the UN for orders?

The only contention here would be because of collateral damage. Then again, Vision has a point — ‘Strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. Conflict breeds catastrophe’.

And so, they got to unite. No factions but be guided by purpose.

Obviously, whenever the Avengers try to protect people, something just blows up — so, it’s definitely not good in the long run. Capturing the ‘bad’ in exchange for millions of dollars in damage? The affected nation would then suffer. Thence, it’s better to be governed by the UN, to get government approval first before taking ‘planned’ action.

Iron Man displayed good thinking, so there you go.


Still for those who loves action — it’s action right off the bat! But it’s when they battled against each other was when we saw some pretty display of superpowers. And among the cool ones — was when Ant Man was pulling all those plugs inside Iron Man. Kinda cute. He could even grow, too, while increasing in strength! Yep, and the recruitment of Spider Man as well as the inclusion of Black Panther were nice. Only shows that when the good join hands, wherever you may come from — greater things are bound to happen.

Shouldn’t this be some lesson for world leaders? Like, thinking real peace and progress instead of supporting war, or subtly contributing to the people’s woes. Be helpful not selfish?

Lastly, the humility of Captain America in accepting the accord. Good lesson for kids and adults alike. Hero or not, in-power or not, we should all be accountable for our actions and understand that we are all in this together.  Pride only brings destruction — in all areas.


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