2016 NBA PlayOffs: May 7, Turn-arounds

Three games each into the second round, and what gives? 1 impending sweep and 3 turn-around games. Cleveland is about to sweep Atlanta while the other 3 series could be headed to more ‘clarity’ after their concluded third games.

SPURS 100, OKC 96 SAS Leads 2-1 

A more confident and aggressive Leonard would push the Spurs to the Finals
Spurs need a more confident and aggressive Leonard

After that controversial non-call in Game 2, the Spurs bounced back and have regained home court advantage. This time, Aldridge was not alone as he got help from Parker and more importantly, Leonard who needs to firmly establish himself in the PlayOffs for the Spurs to claim their 6th NBA championship. And this could be the start of that journey.

RAPTORS 95, HEAT 91 TOR Leads 2-1 

Lowry's game 3 performance: Only one game?
Lowry’s Game 3 performance: Only one game?

As DeRozan continued to struggle, shooting 6-17; finally, there’s something nice to talk about the Raptors! Kyle Lowry just played like an All-Star, shooting 11-19 and 5-8 from 3s enroute to 33 points. While Toronto only won Game 2 because of the many turnovers of Miami, this time they won it because an All-Star finally played like an All-Star; but while Wade did his share, Dragic was missing — scoring only 12 on 5-14 shooting and 0-3 from 3s — when he averaged 23 in the first 2 games. Hey, that’s 11 points lost that if only he produced even half of it — Miami could have won!

Well, this series has really been tight as just like the last game, this one also ended up with a 4-point margin. Notice, both teams made the same number of shots with 33. The same number of free throws with 21. The same number of 3-point attempts at 18, although the Raptors converted more 8 to 4. And that spelled the difference –Lowry’s game. Whoa, what a time to make a turn-around!

WARRIORS 108, BLAZERS 120 GSW Leads 2-1 

Aminu: Key to Blazers' upsetting the Champs
Aminu: Key to Blazers’ upsetting the Champs

The Blazers won! And maybe it’s time to play Curry, otherwise, do we smell an upset in this series? This is the turn-around that we see. As it is, even with the Warriors’ vaunted teamwork — 29 assists to 19 for the Blazers — their passing game is just not enough. Only 2 people has really been producing for Golden State, and Lillard naturally matched what Green did — 40 to 37 with the same number of 3s made at 8. Yes, Thompson had 35 but for the Blazers, it wasn’t only McCollum who supported Lillard but especially Aminu who knocked down 4-5 from deep and 8-9 overall for 23 points. And don’t forget the free throw difference, 10-17 for the Warriors and 23-29 for the Blazers — only shows who were more aggressive.

If the Blazers’ trio could keep up their play, a less than 100 percent Stephen Curry might not even be enough to help save GSW.


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