Consumer Videos: Wilderness Survival Tips

It’s summertime and perhaps many of you have been planning all sorts of adventures — not just swimming but especially camping. Then again, are you really ready? Like, what if you get stuck somewhere? What if you forgot to bring this and that? Or, what if you meet the inevitable? Seriously.

Are you ready to go?

Hmm… this is not to scare you or play ‘kill joy’ but you know, we don’t hold circumstances. So, better pick up some survival tips before starting to camp. Here goes..

Wow, the video tips should have been numbered. Yeah, for easier recall, or so as not to get confused. Anyway, it is helpful — just take note of what the priorities should be, like..

Making fire. You have to cook and eat, you know. Also, what if it’s cold? Besides, if you forgot your rechargeable lamp, it’d be good if you know how to make a fire — even from scratch.

Making a water filter. You gotta drink too, no question. So, see the basics of filtering? Grass. Sand. Charcoal.

Making a signal device. This is particularly useful if you got trapped in one place or something, and you forgot a flashlight or are trying to conserve the firewood you have.

Making herbal medicines. Depending on where you are, like in the East, you should know the medicinal properties of Moringa and Guava leaves among others, just in case. And don’t panic.

Making ‘cleaning’ solutions. This is whether you need to clean your pots and pans, or you ran out of toothpaste. While ground charcoal is good enough for your teeth, tin foil or even sand is good for the outside of your cookware.

Oh yes, of course, if you forgot or lack tents — or if it got damaged or something — here’s how to make a survival shelter.

Okay, it may be too simple but it does give you an idea of the basic construction, in case you never noticed home building and repairs. You hold the stick — so, just try to improve on it!


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