2016 NBA PlayOffs: May 8, Missing T-E-A-M

We hear of chemistry. Of hero ball. Of team. Yet what’s the truth to all this?

CAVS 100, HAWKS 99 CLE wins 4-0

The inevitable has arrived. The Cavaliers swept the Hawks in their semifinal series. And it’s not just because of Kevin Love’s 3s. Nor because of their growing chemistry. It’s simply because the East is really a weak conference where only the Cavs, the Heat and the Bulls are capable when healthy — unlike the West where there’s at least 6, 7 good teams. Haven’t we accepted that yet?

Raptors and Hawks: How could they even be seeded 2 and 4 when they're having a hard time disposing their PlayOff opponents?
Raptors and Hawks: How could they even be seeded 2 and 4 when they’re having a hard time disposing their opponents?

Why, because of the sudden good standings in the East’s regular season records? Again, that’s just fluke. The reason why East teams got a better showing was because of their schedules, and.. somehow, because it’s still the ‘regular’ season. Teams don’t really zero-in so much on you compared to the PlayOffs. So, the struggles you see in some players — who did well in the regular season — is not startling. It’s really what they are. PlayOff basketball has exposed them.

SPURS 97, OKC 111 Series tied 2-2

So, were you one of those expecting a Spurs victory in Game 4? Not surpising. As we saw in their game, they already had the Thunder on the ropes and even led by double figures.. until Kawhi Leonard kept missing and KD started to work.

Oh actually, the Spurs was not the Spurs team they used to be.

Before the Warriors became known for their teamwork, it was the Spurs who’s been doing it — ‘passing the ball’ from the start of the season to the PlayOffs. But in Game 4? OKC 23 assists. Spurs 12. What happened? What we saw was a ‘stagnant’ offense especially late in the game. And has Duncan retired?

Well, though both teams converted the same number of field goals, it was from deep that OKC (9-23) actually beat the Spurs (2-12). So, what’s been ailing Mills and Green? Incidentally, since Danny Green changed his number from 4 to 14, he has not been the same player anymore — at least offensively. Thus, if the Spurs doesn’t want to play Martin because it’d sacrifice their defense, then perhaps Ginobili should take a little more shots..

Or let Mills and Green stay behind in practices.


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