2016 NBA PlayOffs: May 9, Steph Curry’s Back!

After about 2 weeks of being sidelined, Steph Curry is back. He’s back! And it’d be fun watching the Golden State Warriors once again! But before that..

RAPTORS 87, HEAT 94 Series tied 2-2 

Dragic. Johnson. Deng. Guys that need to be more consistent if they really aim to make the NBA Finals.
Dragic. Johnson. Deng. Guys that need to be more consistent if Miami really aims to make the NBA Finals.

This series is probably more unpredictable than the San Antonio-OKC series — what with already 3 OTs in 4 games!?! Looking closely, it’s only Wade who’s been consistent throughout with Dragic providing some support for Miami — so perhaps they could also give the team a new spark by playing Tyler Johnson with Dragic at times. As for Toronto, oh, it’s basically Cory Joseph and DeMarre Carroll who’s been saving the team’s face.

Yeah! Just look at Lowry — he only played one good game. Game 3. This game, he’s back to his miseries — 2-11 field goals and 0-6 from 3s. Same goes with DeRozan who has never had a really good game in the postseason. And for this game, he’s 4-17 and even 1-4 on free throws. Just not for the PlayOffs. And t’is getting real embarrassing to be even called an ‘All-Star’.

Well, with the way these 2 teams are currently playing, the Cavs could easily make the NBA Finals. Very little passing. Just 15 to 12 in Miami’s favor. And their 3-point shooting? 1-15! Just 6.7 percent in the area where the Cavs has been making a living as of late.

WARRIORS 132, BLAZERS 125 GSW Leads 3-1

Yes, the Warriors made the right decision in bringing back Curry for Game 4. Otherwise, they could have really lost and the series would have been tied 2-2 instead of being up 3-1.

While Curry showed some obvious rust in the first half, his shooting gradually picked up in the latter part of the game — and especially in OT where he scored 17! So, imagine if Curry didn’t play?? Golden State would have never recovered from the 16-2 opening barrage of Portland. So though still rusty, Curry provided a different dimension to the Warriors when on the floor — which is why they got back.

Nah! This time, Draymond Green and the Warriors can’t just say they would have still handled the Blazers even without Curry. The Blazers got momentum from Game 3. They are on their home floor. While Lillard and company looked determined as ever — that there wouldn’t have even been an overtime! Noticed who scored for the Warriors during overtime?? Curry! So?

Still, the game was pretty close. And t’was really just those 2 costly turnovers in the extra period that did Portland the game — they then failed to keep in step with Golden State, being suddenly down by 7 and the Warriors firmly in control 125-118.

Game 5 could already be Lillard’s swan song for the season unless..


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