Real Estate: Grand Residences Cebu

When looking for a place to stay that is both ‘grand’ and strategically located — yet most of the land has been commercially used or residentially occupied, what would be left are hotels and inns. So, what are the first things that would come to mind when the issue is actually a basic need itself? Rent??

One. Buy a ‘house-for-sale’ wherein you would really need to scour especially in the city — and who knows if you would indeed like the place, more so, if the price is worth it?!

Two. Check out those high rise structures you see in the place you want, and of course, need to be — for if they’re not hotels or offices, they’re condominiums..

Like, the Grand Residences Cebu.

And as we know, another nice thing about condos is that — even foreigners could acquire such property in the Philippines. Located at the heart of Cebu City (just 10 minutes from Cebu Business Park and Ayala Center) — the country’s 2nd most progressive area — this place would be ideal for expats and working professionals going about their business with some sort of permanency in this region.

Just Contact Us at +63943 5247120 ..and you’ll be shown the way!


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