2016 NBA Weekly: The Game’s Greatest Mystery — Rigging!?

We’re currently in the midst of the 2016 Conference Finals and while checking on Game 3 of the East Finals between Cleveland and Toronto, we noticed DeMar DeRozan again shooting decently (G3, 12-24) in this series. Well, the Cavs were ahead 2-0.. But now, it’s 2-1 after a 99-84 victory by Toronto? Hey, the Cleveland Cavaliers could easily sweep the Toronto Raptors — what happened?!

See, the guy really can’t score in the PlayOffs but DeRozan’s been shooting well against a LeBron James-led Cavs team?? Makes us wonder. Is Miami’s Luol Deng quicker than LeBron? Is Indiana’s Paul George stronger than LeBron? No?? So, how come DeRozan had a hard time against those two but has been coasting against the Cavs?

This brought us to what many have been thinking over the years.

Is the NBA rigged? Or skewed — like, favoring anything especially stars for the league to make more money? You know.

DeMar DeRozan or anyone can’t just say he saved his best for last — it’s been ‘survival mode’ since the first round for the Raptors! So, not playing his best then ‘but only now’ would, at least, make him shoot less. That’s one effect of an offensive player not doing his best. But it’s not so. DeRozan has been shooting heavily since the start of the PlayOffs, so there must be something going on.

Here’s our theory.

One. The NBA wants the Cavaliers to make the Finals. This is not impossible even without the help of the league as the Eastern Conference is just too weak. The Cavs have been cruising not because of them maximizing Kevin Love — but because the conference is really just too weak. Simple.

The NBA is just trying to hype up the Eastern side of things by boosting the Cavs rep instead of its weak competition. Viewership!

Two. The NBA wants the Cavs to make the Finals — FRESH. T’is one reason why it’s the Raptors instead of the Heat who are in the East Finals. If they play the Raptors, they really won’t have to work hard and risk injury. Meanwhile, the Heat are still tougher even with all those injuries but inconsistency contributed to their loss as well.

Three. That’s just the Eastern side, how about the West? Sure you must not have forgotten the missed calls in the San Antonio Spurs v OKC series. Game 2 and 5. Could it be because the league doesn’t want the Spurs to meet the Warriors in the West Finals? You know, ratings. The Thunder having a ‘dancing’ Westbrook is more fun to watch than a ‘sober’ Kawhi Leonard.

An attacking Westbrook against Curry’s long bombs. That’s fun!

Four. Back to the ECF. Okay, the reason DeRozan has been playing better against the Cavaliers compared to the Pacers and the Heat is because the Cavs are taking him lightly. They are not really trying to lock him up, otherwise, Tyronn Lue would have switched LeBron James against DeRozan instead of J.R. Smith, who’s smaller and not known for defense.

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan

Well, this is because Cleveland knows even if they just let DeRozan score — they’d still make the Finals. Yet, they also got to lose even one game to bring up some excitement in a ‘dull’ series — while helping DeRozan up his rep. Yeah, all for money!

See? T’is just business, but we still love it. Hmm…


2 thoughts on “2016 NBA Weekly: The Game’s Greatest Mystery — Rigging!?”

  1. I know very little about professional basketball but am watching game 6 of the Eastern Conference and can’t believe the lack of calls against the Cavaliers! I probably won’t watch NBA games any more because it’s just like “professional” wrestling!

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